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Glades exists for growing leadership and devising effective solutions for individual, organisational and societal holistic growth.

Total Quality & Integrity
  • Transparency in dealings with both internal and external customers
  • Long term focus
Entrepreneurial Management
  • All team members display proprietary interest in executing their responsibilities
Customer Orientation
  • Speed and quality of response and action

Resilient companies understand that only talented employees with unique skill sets can create value in an ever changing marketplace.

To succeed in achieving objectives, a combination of two factors and their balancing; Task (Methodology) and process (People) with right talent. No template, no pre defined agenda or a game plan. We have in-depth and hands on industry, experience with ability to customize solution as per your need. This gives us the capacity to draw on verity of options including right consultant to balance the task and process for interventions.

We work with all types of organizations facing complex cultural & business challenges and partner in providing tailor made solutions.

Business culture understanding is scanning the hardware and software (People & Methodology) in organization in context by understanding needs and co-creating solutions that delivers value to stakeholders. Our scanning services also include the Leadership, Structures, Departments, customers, HR strategies Business process and financial analysis and strategies.
Being a leader in the 21st century requires creativity, artistry, empathy and the ability to cope with complexity. These highly interactive programs are designed to engage and inspire your employees as well as provide practical tools you can use on the job. Innovative seminars and workshops are designed for executives, managers and knowledge workers in business, Education, NGOs and the public sector.


Our Value Proposition

Diverse Business Experience
Hands on diverse business experience in handling complex business and cultural issues across business verticals
Visible Value Impact
We work on select engagements where we feel there is a mutual fit and likelihood of success
Tailored Solution
Solutions customised and tailored to client's need. Creative, reflective and participative engagement process.
Hand holding
We stay engaged and committed to client at all the stages of an intervention


Skill Strength

Human Resource Management




Change Management






Business Consulting


Technical Services


Strategy Execution


Value Added Services


Vineet Pandey Business Consulting Director
Vineet has done Masters in Strategic Management from Cass Business School, City University, London. He is B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. He is also Director & Founder Member of BRAINS at WORK Pvt. Ltd, a boutique Strategic Consulting group in Mumbai.
Vineet was Advisor with SDG (Strategic Decisions Group), a US based consulting group, founded at Stanford University

He has been part of several Corporate/ Business strategy initiatives including startups with detailed business models, techno-economic feasibility analysis, go-to-market strategy, business projections, and all other financial ratios.

He brings competencies in Organizational Transformation, Corporate Training for excellence, Corporate/Business Strategy Formulation, Due Diligence (Strategic, operational,& Financial), Data Mining & Data Analytics, Strategic Mapping on the pattern of Norton & Kaplan(Harvard University), Business Development, Go-to-Market Strategy, and Team Management
Rashid Yousuf
Managing Partner - Middle East
Rashid Yousuf has long years of experience in building and sharing an outstanding amount of knowledge of the industry of Retail, FMCG, textile, IT and floor coverings and in dealing with the region’s most sophisticated demands from hospitality to commercial, healthcare, education to public and government sector.

Rashid has left significant marks on many of the region’s healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing and hospitality sectors, in addition to his contribution to projects outside of the GCC including MENA, Africa, Eastern Europe and Azerbaijan. With his busy schedule and of work and travel, Rashid Yousif still manages to allocate a significant amount of time that is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with his peers in the industry by speaking at conferences and university lectures where he believes a contribution to the development of the next generation of experts is a fundamental part of giving back to the industry and society.
Masood NaikPrincipal Consultant
Masood Naik is responsible for providing overall strategic direction, managing growth and financial performance.

Masood is a globally educated management professional (Education - Ashridge Business School ranked amongst the Top 5 Business Schools in the UK). He also has additional qualifications in Balanced Scorecard- George Washington University , Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 EQ360,– MHS Canada & CTP from CIPD -UK, Complexity & Collaboration ( LSE at Schumacher College -UK),Gestalt theory in OD from Gestalt Centre – UK and Masters in Personnel Management – Poona University India). His caliber of analytical and emotional Intelligence juxtaposed with his Global perspective and Innovative concepts help him immensely in handling a plethora of business environment complexities.

Masood has extensive and deep rooted experience in change management, strategic planning, strategic HR and various business operations. Prior to serving as CEO of the Glades Group, he has for Six years (from 2012 onwards) held a chair at the esteemed Board of Directors as CEO for Al Aqili Distribution and the Surfaces Furnishing Group. He has continuously and unrelentingly delivered mission-critical results, Change management initiatives, strategy formatives, restructuring prerogatives and turnaround management chains. His career is saturated with extensive stints representing nationally and speaking at International Companies such as (International Food Stuff Co. FMCG – UAE), Deepak Fertilisers, Sulzer India, Tech Mahindra/MBT -UK, IFFCO global sector.

Masood has successfully initiated & implemented Balanced Scorecard based business transformation, change management initiatives like Organizational restructuring, Post merger Cross cultural and cross functional alignments, Evolving and aligning HR Strategy to Business Strategy, Creating shared Vision & Values, Compensation & Benefits framework, fostering employee engagement & enhancing performance management culture by using Appreciative Inquiry, art, Conversations, Large Scale interactive Processes (LSIP), Complexity and collaboration. He has furthermore facilitated workshops on Leadership Development based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ training and counseling) and 360 feedback, has trained 3500+ Sr. Executives globally and has visited UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Tunisia, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, and India on Change Management initiatives & successfully conducted a multitude of training programs.


  • Keynote Speaker at the Annual Business Conference held at University of Greenwich London on “ Leadership Challenges & Changes 2014”.
  • Recipient of first prize in “TALENT QUEST AMONG MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS-1998”a National competition for young Managers.
  • Presented papers in 27thAIMA (Competition for young Managers)" strategies for building sustainable competitive edge" in July 2001.
  • Was a visiting faculty at Symbiosis (SCMHRD) and term project guide (among top 20 Business Schools in India).
  • Best student award - 1995 (Student of the year) for overall campus activities and co-ordination.
  • Member of SHRM (USA) & CIPD – UK.
  • Merited fellow membership - Institute of Leadership London - UK 2011.
  • Interview in the International “Top Hotels” hospitality magazine 2016
  • Has published a plethora of Management articles, management quotes and given Management talks

David ClemsonManagement Consultant
David Clemson
construct ‘hyphens’ between unusual places that enable disruptive change and innovation. Business-society, investment-business, environment-economic, politics-society, consumption-sanitation, modernism-postmodernism, government-infrastructure, entrepreneurship-orthodoxy, responsibility-investment, individual-collective, education-business…

David expertise is particularly focused around the UN SDGs (the Global Goals). There are meaningful opportunities to reshape our world – great challenges, the rewards our common future - the world of 2030?

David's academic work over the past 17 years has been in the business and management field. This has covered UG and PG teaching and research supervision in sustainability, enterprise risk management, international financial markets, environmental economics, project management/finance, global entrepreneurship, research methods, trading and market psychology.

David is a trans-disciplinarian; as an educator I believe that if education is not transformative then it is not really education – that perpetuates the same ‘business as usual’ conformist thinking. Encouraging a holistic approach that brings together the tension of short term thinking/crisis management with the very long term thinking associated with sustainability, I enable emergent thinking amongst participants to develop leadership and strategy through sense-making and scenario analysis.

David has worked as an investment manager and analyst, developed and run consulting practices. I’ve practiced and taught technical analysis, a particular focus on Elliott Wave Theory and Socio economics. This brings together self-similarity across scales – fractals – which drive thinking in enterprise development, risk management, markets and marketing. I’m interested in developing SRI strategies, at the moment particularly in respect of community-orientated infrastructure investment.
Advisory Board
Mr. S S Alam
Mr. S.S.ALAM is a product of I.I.M. Ahmedabad' 76 and I.I.T. Kharagpur' 74 and a merit ranker throughout the career. He has around 40 years of experience in the industry covering FMCG, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Electronics, Plastics, Engineering, Tyres and Management consultancy/ Organizational Transformation at top management levels.

Now venturing into a novel concept of creating Rurban supermarkets to satisfy entire needs of Bharat.

Mr. Alam has a flair for taking up some of the most difficult assignments --say be it handling of very strong militant unions or most difficult bosses , or supporting the promoters in difficult turnaround cases .In return God blessed him with most promising designations including Sr. VP, Executive VP, Corporate President, Group Director (MD scale), and also Chairman Group Management Committee of a $5bn FMCG conglomerate operating out of 42 countries and covering 19 businesses. Had a chance to handle quite a few Corporate functions including HR, Total Quality Movement / turnaround , Corporate/ Business Strategy, Sales, Knowledge Mgt., Improvement Mgt., Corp. Communication ( quite a few times 3-4 Corporate functions at the same time), apart from new business creation from scratch. One of the pride project was to handle (as a part of global steering committee) a very large footprint of ERP project worth $25 million( in phase-1) , which Oracle claims to be one of their largest foot-prints worldwide.

Core Competencies : Strategic HR, Corporate & Business Strategy, Change Management, Large Scale OD interventions, Organizational Transformation,Systems Redesign,ERP implementation, Innovation / TRIZ, Corporate Branding, Global Supply Chain, Turnaround Strategy, Total Quality Movement , Knowledge Management, Operational Performance Improvement through Six Sigma, Lean, SGA, Kaizen, TQM ,TPM, etc
Mr. Rajiv Kumar
Rajiv Kumar is MBA from XLRI and bachelor of mechanical engineering, started his career with Tata Group and progressed to become a Tata Group resource and Senior Business Excellence Assessor and Guide ( Based on Baldrige Model) for Group companies. During this journey, he had the opportunity to work in various capacities at The Taj group of Hotels , Tata Steel and Tata Asset Management . Currently he is a Director in Pharma Exports company based in Mumbai, India and Also on the board of a Financial Education company based in Mumbai, India.

Engagement Process


We engage with our clients in a process of inquiry


Excessive power differentials which inhibit the emergence of creative experimentation and induce risk aversion


We help leaders articulate and convey their strategic intentions

Our 'expertise' lies in working with the social process in an organisation
We cocreate solutions rather than impose pre-formed methods

We encourage staff to take initiatives and help organizations mobilise their innovative potential









Growing Leadership and Devising Effective Solutions®


We design, develop and deliver cutting edge leadership, management  and development  training courses and  programs that address the real needs of individuals, teams, groups and organisations across the business and NGO sectors. We work on select engagements where we feel there is a mutual fit and likelihood of success. Our approach is geared towards creating visible value impact. We also understand the core philosophies and principles that develop people and companies. We'd like to share them with you and your organisation. Find out more click here