Growing Leadership and Devising Effective Solutions®

Engagement Process

Client Engagement Process


We engage with our clients in a process of inquiry


We encourage staff to take initiatives and help organizations mobilise their innovative potential


Excessive power differentials which inhibit the emergence of creative experimentation and induce risk aversion

Our 'expertise' lies in working with the social process in an organisation

We help leaders articulate and convey their strategic intentions

We cocreate solutions rather than impose pre-formed methods
Engagement Steps

Understanding Culture

Business culture understanding is scanning the hardware and software (People & Processes) and their outcome in business context. Our scanning services also include the Leadership Style Analysis, Organisational Structures, Departments, Customers, HR strategies, Business Model, Financial Analysis and Business Success Stories.

Do It Right First

To succeed in achieving business objectives, a combination of two factors and their balancing is required i.e., the task and the process. This gives us the capacity to draw on variety of options including right consultation, technology and intervention

Creative Work

Being the leader in 21st century, it requires creativity, artistry, empathy and the ability to cope-up with complexities. And create new sustainable order through collaborations, conversations and creative approaches. No template, no predefined agenda or a game plan. We have in-depth and hands on industry experience with the ability to customise solution as per your needs.


We work with all types of organizations facing complex cultural & business challenges and partner in providing tailor made solutions.








Growing Leadership and Devising Effective Solutions®


We design, develop and deliver cutting edge leadership, management  and development  training courses and  programs that address the real needs of individuals, teams, groups and organisations across the business and NGO sectors. We work on select engagements where we feel there is a mutual fit and likelihood of success. Our approach is geared towards creating visible value impact. We also understand the core philosophies and principles that develop people and companies. We'd like to share them with you and your organisation. Find out more click here