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Change Management

Talk to us about our transformative approaches to:

  • Culture change and employee engagement
  • Workshop about change
  • Implementing complex organizational changes
  • Post mergers and acquisitions and restructuring integration
  • Building change capability.
Change in Action

Change Management

Change management is about helping to adapt and embrace change at individual, team, group, organization and as society level in a persuasion of achieving intended objectives. Business and their people today face variety implicit and explicit challenges initiating action for change.

This work focuses on designing, building and running an appropriate change solution for a client. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure that we identify sustainable win-win solutions.

Enabling Change

Whatever the ‘change’ you are making, there are fundamental areas we work on with you that enabling the change outcomes you are aiming to achieve?

How can you engage and build trust positively?

How can you adapt and change meaningfully?

How can you thrive and grow sustainably?


We will facilitate and drive the change from conceptualization to realization along with all the stakeholders, cocreate the desired future through Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) as well as Small Scale Interactive Process (SSIP), focus group activities, use Organisational sentiment analysis and foster the culture of urgency and need by understanding wants and needs.

Success with evidence and involved change is best achieved through conversation and iterative dialogue. GLADES will take you through your own journey with your multi-dimensional mind sets existing in the organisation as a project or as part of your ongoing managed services and ‘bite-sized’ consultancy. And perhaps most importantly, we provide the combination of project management expertise, commercial experience, and industry knowledge necessary to manage the change programme.

Throughout the engagement, we are generous with our expertise, sharing our tools and methodologies calling on the full range of our talents.

Building a roadmap for change

In ever changing business scenarios, Organizations are always under tremendous pressure to proactively adapt to the changes for its survival. Major shifts in market positioning, synergizing structures, restructuring, rightsizing, mergers: these situations require a step change.
All approaches to change continue to co-exist today, leading change will depend upon your own subjective reality:

How you think about the world and organisations?
How you believe organisations work?
What you believe is possible?

The challenge for leaders is to learn to hold multiple ways of seeing organisations, simultaneously, each offering insight -none representing ‘ultimate truth’

When nothing less than major restructuring is necessary, we partner with our clients to refine their business case and vision. We work on breaking the “big picture” objective into manageable initiatives and clearly defined processes, putting them back together to create a clear roadmap for change.

Don’t worry. If you aren’t ready with those questions then we will guide you to find them and we have suggestions at-the-ready, for example around:

Readiness Assessment

Coaching and Manager Training for Change Management

Resistance Management

Employee Feedback and Corrective Action

Communication and Communication Planning

Recognising Success and Reinforcing Change








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