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What is People Analytics?

Moving away from traditionally people decisions (hunch based) to use of data and analytic tools to inform decisions about how to manage people better through

utilising investigative techniques to understand the contribution that people make to business performance.

People Analytics = Data & Analytics

Descriptive into Predictive



What happened?

HR reporting

Why it happened?

Dashboards and visualisation

Forecasts what might happen?

Insights. What-if analysis

Recommends an action based on the Forecasts

A future


We will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – we think People Analytics and effective workforce planning is achievable for all.

The GLADES unique position is to be able to partner HR strategist consultants and Business Intelligence big data analysts to work in close dialogue – skills rare to combine without the use of HR professionals.

Success with data analysis is best achieved through iterative dialogue. GLADES will take you through your own journey with your people data, as a project or as part of your ongoing managed services and ‘bite-sized’ consultancy.

What People Analytics can we look at?

The key change that data analytics in HR will make to you and other business leaders is the answering of questions that make the difference to your business. GLADES consultants talk to you about what those are and help you made data driven decisions.

Don’t worry. If you aren’t ready with those questions then we will guide you to find them and we have suggestions at-the-ready, for example around:

Productivity and Results


Training and Development Investment

Performance Management

Reward Effectiveness

Organisation Network Analysis


Workforce Planning & Analysis

Cultural Analysis








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